The Dynamo Stud

Coolyn Breezie

Breeze is our BaPS registered Appaloosa and being homozygous for the spotted gene, she is a very special horse to us. Breeze has the sweetest most laid back nature, she was born to be a mum!
Breeze had her first foal in 2016 and what an outstanding foal she had! With just a 6% chance of getting our dream colour combination (palomino blanket spot) AND in a filly, Breeze did us proud! We have retained her first foal, Dynamo Sunshine. You can check out her page here.

Breeze has a wonderful ‘pocket rocket sports horse’ style pedigree. There is a Warmblood influence on her dam line from Klaus who was a very influential horse in the Knabstrupper breed. Breeze has excelled in in-hand showing, the judges seem to love her. Also with successfully competing Appaloosa’s on both sides of her pedigree, we have high expectations for her future ridden career which we have now started.