Horse welfare policy

Dynamo Stud – Langford Farm takes the welfare of all horses seriously.

What we expect from our hires and show participant visitors:

  • Your horse has a suitable environment to live in
  • A healthy diet and access to fresh, clean water
  • Able to behave normally
  • Has appropriate company
  • Is protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease

What we provide:

  • Clean and safe area to park
  • Gates are secure and there are signs to keep closed where applicable
  • Fresh water is available, tap in front of Club House
  • Arena free from muck, wheelbarrow and pick available after session

What we are committed to:

If we witness or suspect any welfare issues with our hires or show participants, we operate a zero-tolerance approach. We will not except any bad behaviour, neglect or poor horse husbandry towards any horse and will need to speak with you and if further action is required, we will not hesitate to take action.