Biosecurity and horse welfare plan

Rules pertaining to the Biosecurity of Horses visiting Dynamo Stud – Langford Farm


Origin and status: Owners to communicate with Langford Farm staff if their horse as recently been abroad, travelled from abroad (state country) and vaccinations up to date.

Prepare: Langford Farm is prepared for new arrivals to arena by making sure it is harrowed and muck free.

General: Horses arriving at Langford Farm for arena hire should be injury free (no open wounds) and sound.

Hand washing and sanitation stations: Are available and sign posted to all visitors at Langford Farm.

General Health checks

Equipment Share: Langford Farm will not share their tack or equipment with visitors and insist visitors use their own brushes, tack, head collars, rugs and water buckets.

Muck Control: Langford Farm provide a skip, wheelbarrow and muck heap to keep car park and arena clear of muck. The muck heap is maintained and disposed of regularly.

Heat Control: Water is available to all hires from mains tap. In the event of unusual heat, events or arena hire will be considered and postponed if unsafe to run.


Vet: All visitors should be registered with a veterinary practice and have contact details.

Consult: All visitors to communicate with Langford Farm any concerns re health problems that risk biosecurity rules. Owners must make sure that their horses vital signs are within the normal parameters: Temperature, breathing rate and heart rate before entering the site.

Visitors to ensure their horse has no eye or nose discharge, consistent to ‘normal’ self re droppings, and general well-being maintained before entering the site.

Vaccinations: Influenza and tetanus will be up to date.

Parasite control: Visitors will have worming programmes in place for their horse and be prepared in summer season to protect against flies.

Disease: All visitors will be vigilant to their own horses health and report immediately to Langford Farm staff if they suspect any illness regarding their horse whilst on site and after if applicable.

Transport: Visitors will ensure their horse box or lorry is safe, legal and clean.

Langford Farm will maintain a good perimeter of security for our premises and maintain good access for vehicles.